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about me

I design things to be functionally beautiful. I believe that UX design should be focused on answering needs and predicting what the user wants next. Empathy is what drives great design and is what I continue to advocate for in my daily life and work.



UX/UI DESIGNER - June 2018 to present (Freelance)


  • Provide estimates for UX/UI efforts based on requested product features and functions by clients

  • Design deliverables such as wireframes, interactive prototypes, and high-fidelity comps and provide weekly updates on progress and project manage design portion as needed with development

  • Three mobile applications currently in development: 1) winery trade app for sales reps, 2) video advertisement app (get paid to watch ads), and 3) meditation application for workplaces

  • One responsive website and web application currently being designed for sports fan paraphernalia

UX/UI DESIGNER - Nov 2017 to present


  • Currently working with Product Owners to design new Certona applications that aims to replace backend
    processes to streamline workflows for various internal teams

  • Meet with development team to discuss user flows and interactions; continue iterating on design based on
    feedback and discussion

  • Assisted in creating Certona’s first design system (patterns, typography, color palette, iconography) along
    with guiding design principles to be applied to products moving forward

  • Conduct user testing at various stages of projects to understand user behaviors and perceptions; research is used
    to further iterate on designs

  • Meet with product owners to discuss requirements and deliverables for various projects, as needed


Designlab - UX Academy

  • Manage all Group Critique program operations on a day-to-day basis which includes student and

  • facilitator experience and feedback

  • Schedule monthly meetings with facilitators to gain insight and feedback based on their sessions to discover
    successes and opportunities

  • Explore new tools and processes that assist with quality and efficiency of critique sessions

  • Facilitate weekly student discussions that focus on each student's progress in the course

  • Foster an open and collaborative environment where students are able to discuss design practices and decisions
    made on projects

  • Provide guidance and education on UX design principles in accordance with an individual's work or
    group discussion

UX/UI TRAINER - Aug 2017 to Feb 2018 (Independent Contractor)

Restoration Media

  • Meet with various designers 1-3 times a week to provide education on UX/UI design

  • Created a full curriculum that covers standard UX/UI principles and practices, in addition to shedding
    light on some non-traditional approaches

  • Assign homework that relates to topics covered during the week in order for the designer to gain
    additional hands-on experience and provides an opportunity to explore and ask questions during our
    next meeting

  • Consult on current projects for the entire company and provide UX guidance, as needed

INTERACTION DESIGNER - Aug 2017 to Nov 2017 (Contract)

Intuit - TurboTax

  • Created mockups of product website pages as directed based on updated marketing, visuals, and branding

  • Presented final designs to stakeholders and/or decision makers for final approval, walking through the user’s
    journey and experience with the product

  • Provided input and design expertise on visual refresh efforts for the upcoming tax season

  • Flexed between two scrum teams to assist with design projects and deadlines

  • Provided UX guidance to developers and quality engineers as issues arise regarding interaction and experience

UX DESIGNER - June 2017 to Aug 2017 (Contract)


  • Designed and developed new experiences that can be mapped directly to NBCU Intranet, Portals, and Mobile
    Apps, typically delivered final designs within a two-day window

  • Fully redesigned an internal iOS app (for executive use only) within a 1-week window and worked directly
    with the developer to determine functionalities and turnaround times which guided design decisions; application shipped early 2018

  • Created interaction flows, wireframes, visual comps required to produce elegant, simple customer experiences
    and product concepts

  • Worked in a Scrum environment which included designing for multiple sprints at once (usually 3-4 projects
    at a time)

UX DESIGNER - May 2017 to June 2017 (Contract)


  • Conducted full heuristic, accessibility, and visual pattern audits of; documented using Omnigraffle

  • Documented heuristic violations according to Jakob Nielsen’s ten usability heuristics and accessibility violations
    following WCAG 2.0A guidelines in Excel, cross-referencing screenshots provided in the Omnigraffle

  • Presented findings and opportunities during weekly check-ins with team and provided suggestions for solutions
    and estimated level of UX effort needed to resolve the issue

  • Provided a detailed summary at project wrap-up that discussed top 5 heuristic and accessibility violations and
    summarized notes to be handed off to the UX Research team

VISUAL/UX DESIGNER - Mar 2017 to May 2017 (Freelance)

The Lambesis Agency

  • Created and updated responsive web and mobile designs based on client needs and goals

  • Consulted on various interactive projects to assess the alignment of end-user interactions with client goals

  • Created promotional materials (interactive banners, print, social ad campaigns, etc.) based on provided
    direction or concepts developed by the agency and client

  • Used InDesign to prepare final comps to be presented to clients for approval prior to execution

  • Prepared assets to be handed off to the development team for execution

Additional Previous Positions

  • Course Experience Manager - The Rebel Group, LLC (2017)

  • Senior Level 2 Support Genius - LevelUp (2015 to 2017)

  • Customer Experience Lead - Athleta (2014)

  • Visual Coordinator - Tory Burch (2013 to 2014)

  • Family Room Specialist - Apple (2011 to 2013)


UX Academy - Designlab, Inc.
June 2016 to February 2017

Fashion Institute of Design & 
July 2013 to March 2014

University of California, San Diego
September 2005 to June 2010



User Research
UX/UI Design
Brand Development






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