PROJECT:  Instashop

BACKGROUND:  Instashop is an online grocery shopping service that offers delivery to its customers.

PROTOTYPE PURPOSE: The purpose of this prototype was to test the thoroughness of a specific user flow. Test participants were asked to:

  • Create an account
  • Shop for milk
  • Add a 1 quart of milk to the cart
  • Complete the checkout process

and were given this set of helpful instructions:

  • Form Fields: click on the form field and the information will pre-populate within the field(s)
  • Checkout Process:
    • Enter delivery address
    • Billing address is the same as delivery address
    • Set delivery for today between the 7:30-8:00am

FEEDBACK: Participants shared that because the instructions were extra detailed, it made the testing process a lot easier to understand. Many said that without the instructions, they would've been confused as to how to complete the task. 

Regarding the user flow, mostly everyone said it was straightforward and as expected. Most of the trouble was around the usability of the prototype. 

FINAL THOUGHTS:  Instashop was the very first project I worked on as a UX Designer. At the time, UX was still very new to me so looking back at this project, there are a good handful of things I would change in terms of design and functionality. Overall, I'm quite proud of this project mostly because it challenged me in so many ways. Getting feedback about this project was a little tough because I was so proud of how much work and effort I put into it only to have it shot down by peers multiple times. Having gone through that experience, I've learned that it's all part of the process - that feedback is a good thing and should always be welcomed and appreciated.