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Design Process

"A great experience is more than just answering needs. It's
anticipating what could be desired."


Design Process

"A great experience is more than just answering needs. It's
anticipating what could be desired."


research + strategy

Before I start a project, I like to know who and what I will be working with. 

Who is the client?  Is this a new or existing product? What are their business goals? What questions or concerns is this product trying to answer?

Research allows us to identify current needs and react by providing a solution. Being proactive is where we have the chance to excel and deliver an unparalleled experience.


ux design

When enough data has been gathered, the UX process begins:

  • Personas: Develop individual personas based on research results and design based on their needs while anticipating what they'll want next.

  • User Flows: What interactions need to be designed? How do we keep these interactions consistent and intuitive? Is there the potential for error or confusion?

  • Wireframes: How do we visualize user interactions? Simple sketches to high-fidelity wireframes are ways to visualize user flows and start planning for placement of features. 

  • Testing: Test interactions individually and as a whole process. Does it make sense? Can any interactions be eliminated to streamline the process? Is anything missing? 

UI design

Before beginning the visual design process, I like to know the following:

  • Is there an existing brand identity? Is this to stay the same or change?
  • Is there a desired color palette or mood?
  • Are there existing visual elements that needs to be considered and incorporated (ex. logo, font, etc.?

Once that information has been confirmed, the visual design process begins:

  • Visual Design: Experiment with different styles involving various colors, typography, and patterns
  • Mockups: Here's where it all comes together. Visual elements are applied to wireframes and modified until the desired aesthetic is achieved.
  • UI Kit: All icons, symbols, colors, patterns and images are compiled together to be used for future reference.

Testing. Again and Again.

Product testing is and should be an ongoing process when the UX design process begins. Bugs and holes can be caught, reviewed, and addressed as needed while other features are being worked on. Catching these issues early on will improve the user's initial experience with the product. Keeping pace and constant communication will be essential to a successful product launch.